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Enjoy the pleasing scent and moisturizing effects of Quoi's Organic Cleansing Beauty Bar Soap for All Skin Type from Dry to Oily. We’ve infused Premium Essential Oils with other vital ingredients needed to replenish the moisture back in your skin with an afterglow that’ll make you feel great!

Our line contains 6 Handmade Certified Organic Bar Soaps including Shea Honey Oatmeal, Lavender Bliss, Black Tea Tree, Peppermint Leaf, Prairie Sage, and Unscented for Sensitive Skin. All of our Soaps contain Organic Coconut and a Blend of moisturizing essential oils that are unique to Quoi Shop. The cosmetic benefits of Essential Oils and Coconut are undeniable. They block contaminants from tarnishing your skin and fuel you with the right vitamins for a glistening effect.

Some of the Benefits include:

- Relieves Dry Skin

- Cleanses and Tightens spores

- Reduces Acne and Hydrates Skin

 Order yours online today to Experience an amazing Moisturizing effect and Glow!

Natural ingredients (both Herbs and Essential Oils) may vary in color, depending on season and supply. These photos represent the approximate color of our soaps, although slight variations may occur.

Handmade Organic Bar Soap for all Skin Type from Dry to Oily

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